Table of Contents
Before You Begin
The Problem
Differences Attract
Examples of Typical Conflicts Occurring to Personality Differences
Examples of Conflicts that Helpers have with Other Heroes
Examples of Conflicts that Thinkers Have with Other Heroes
Examples of Conflicts that Planners Have with Other Heroes
Examples of Conflicts that the Doer Personality has with Other Heroes
Opposites are the Most Difficult Relationships
It Takes More Commitment and Attention
Sources of Conflict and Resolution
Finding the Right Relationship
Examples of Couples Who Have 1 of the First 2 Heroes in Common
Examples of Meaningful Questions to Ask your Partner
How to Keep a Relationship
How to Show Love to Each Hero Partner
Effective Communication is the Key
The Ultimate Relationship
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Finding Love in All The Right Faces
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Why do I always seem to pick the wrong person? Whether you're single and looking for a relationship or wanting to improve your current one, then this book is your guide to success. Learn how the four Inner Heroes(tm) interact with each other and which partners are best suited for you.

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It's almost embarrassing to say this, but I've been married four times. Some of those partnerships were better than others; and I do thank my lucky stars that I was able to have my two wonderful sons during the fourth and final (and longest lived) relationship. But, I still find myself wishing that I had known my own Inner Heroes(tm) scheme, and been able to compare it with that of a potential mate. What a lot of time, and heartache would have been saved! 

Now, at 56, I have no desire for another sexual relationship, or marriage. Yet, I can see that The Inner Heroes(tm) relationship system would be a valuable addition to my life, as a way to find the best possible matches for long-lived friendships. Thanks, Carolyn, for your wit, and wisdom. You need to know that you've made a true difference in my life!

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