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Why I Can't Be More Like You

The Inner Heroesâ„¢ Assessment
Core Values
Examples of Parent and Child Combinations
How To Express Love In A Way Your Child Can Understand
Exercise: Two things I can do differently to show my love
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Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love -- Book Family book
The Inner Heroe's Guide to
Healing Family Relationships
Expressing Love in Meaning Ways
by Carolyn Kalil, M.A.

Parents have the best chance to be good parents when they understand, accept, and appreciate their kids as individuals with different needs.  But they cannot give their kids what they need if they don't know what their needs are.  Kids want to be loved for who they are and not who their parents want them to be. By understanding the uniqueness in their kids, parents will know how each one needs to be nurtured. This e-book will guide parents in creating harmonious relationships with their children.

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