Letter from David Keirsey to Don Lowry

From the office of David Keirsey, Ph.D.                                               Professor Emeritoua     California State University
, CA 92634

Donald Lowery, Director

Dear Don,

I must congratulate you on your success in producing a topical stage play that does not do injustice to a most complex and therefor difficult topic. You may recall that when you first essayed to put the temperments on stage I evinced some skepticism and cautioned you to avoid mere cartoons of the temperment types. I believed at the time cartoons of the types would be misleading and that the consequence would be that the theory of temperments would be subjected to ridicule. You persisted. I stand corrected.

It was your choice of humor as the vehicle for the caricatures that saved the day, indeed, made the day. The play is fun. People can identify with the characters. They can see themselves on stage and they can laugh at themselves and consequently cease to take themselves so seriously. Of course a few skits cannot possibly inform the viewer on the depth and complexity of temperment theory. But informing cannot have been the intent of the play. Its function rather is to intrigue the viewer with two ideas: that people are fundamentally different and that these differences are good. It may well be that many, given this witty introduction to the study of human differences, will take up the study.

I not only congratulate you, but I thank you for your achievement in advancing the public's awareness of the theory of temperments and the National Association for Psychological Type.