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"Follow Your Inner Heroes(tm) To The Work You Love" Facilitator Certification Training

My products are used by many TAP and Family Service Centers. You will find my Career Development package is exactly what you need for your clients. Whether you are assessing individual clients or in groups, everyone can relate to their findings using these tools. I usually train the staff for two days during which time they learn to use my "Follow Your Inner Heroes(tm) to The Work You Love" books and at the end of the training they are certified as Facilitators. Please contact me for details.   I also do half day and full day workshops custom designed for your staff. 

Many military counselors already know temperament and personality but may not be  aware of my products and services. In addition to my best selling self-help career book, Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love, I have two workbooks: True Success for lower reading levels, and my original workbook, The Workbook: Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love.  Instructor guides are available for each.

 I have created an inexpensive and simplified product for the military, called the Career Pointer, which is described below.  The Navy Fleet & Family Support Center in Rota, Spain and several others have been using my Career Pointer with great success. Many military counselors have attended my sessions at the career development conferences I present at.

The Certification Training covers

  • Mastery in using the Inner Heroes(tm) as a self assessment tool
  • Group facilitation based on personality strengths
  • Applying Inner Heroes(tm) in one-on-one career counseling/coaching sessions
  • Identifying personality differences in self and others
  • Discovering important values that motivate each of the 4 personalities and the unique skills they enjoy using
  • Building self esteem and identifying out-of-esteem behavior in each personality
  • Exploring career options that match personality strengths
  • Correlation of Inner Heroes with Holland Themes, DOT, EUREKA, Keirsey Temperaments and MBTI
  • Other topics: Learning styles, decision making and goal setting/action planning
  • Receive copy of Follow Your Inner Heroes™ To the Work You Love, plus The Workbook, and other materials
  • Facilitator Certification

At Denver's Arapahoe/Douglas Works! office, one of the largest in Denver, my materials replaced their existing assessment products. They felt that their clients understand the Inner Heroes template and can apply it to their lives. Herb Goldsmith, at Arapahoe/Douglas Works!, said that they found the Career Pointer to be exactly what they needed. Patrick Holwell, an assessment specialist, said "I've looked at every assessment tool available. It was unbelievable how well Carolyn's materials fit our needs."

Carolyn Kalil is the President and CEO of DreamMaker Publishing, Inc.,  a women owned, minority owned, small business. She is the author of the best selling book "Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love." She has helped over 30,000 people discover their unique gifts. Carolyn is a talented speaker, trainer, and career coach. Her presentations are interactive and hands-on. Her inspirational message shows us what is possible once we discover who we are and make use of our natural talents. At the corporate level her workshops focus on improving communication skills and working more effectively as a team. As one of the original certified True Colors trainers, she uses the Inner Heroes tool to help others use their strengths in a career and in their lives.

Carolyn has worked as a counselor for UCLA and El Camino Community College for 30 years. She earned her BA degree in Elementary Teaching and her MA degree in Counseling from Ohio State University.
This is a 12 page 8.5 x 11 inch booklet for use in groups or one-on-one career counseling/coaching.  It is adopted from my book, Follow Your Inner Heroes™ To The Work You Love.  It is designed to let the user proceed at their own pace and discover their own Inner Heroes. The clients write in this pamphlet and keep a permanent record of their results through this process.  Inside, there is a 21 question assessment where the client ranks the four choices from most like them to the least like them. This assessment is simple and accurate. It has been field tested and in use at the South Bay Workforce Investment Board with CalWorks clients, numerous college students and different military programs.  I've shown a couple of the questions below.
21 question personality assessment
After taking the quiz and ranking themselves, the clients turn to their primary Inner Heroes page and read about themselves. Then they turn to the transferable skills page of their primary Inner Hero and circle their top five skills. A sample of the Doer skills is shown below.
Orange skills from Follow Your True Colors To the Work You Love
On the same page as the skills are a list of occupations for their primary Inner Hero, as shown by the sample below.
Orange Careers from Follow Your True Colors To the Work You Love

The last page ties it all together . It is a summary page where the client records all their results and also has a free form area for their notes.

The Career Pointer is sold in lots of 25.  Order Here.

Partial client List

US Navy, TAP
US Coast Guard
Arapahoe/Douglas Works!
California Welfare-to-Work Program
El Paso, Texas, One Stop Center
Inglewood One Stop Center
Foster Care Independent Living Program
Association for Job Search Trainers
New Jersey Dept of Labor Employment & Training Division, Burlington County
International Career Development Conference
South Bay School-to-Career Program
The Coach Stop Express Radio Show
Southern California Rehabilitation Exchange
EUREKA (California Career Information System)
Career Masters Institute (CMI)

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