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You are a DOER
Congratulations, your primary personality type is a Doer.

You are a persuasive motivator who knows how to get people moving and excited about projects.

You are courageous. You act on a moment's notice. You see life as a roll of the dice, a game of chance. You need stimulation, freedom, and excitement. You are a natural leader, troubleshooter, and performer. There's still lots more.

Your major personality traits and natural talents are expressed through your primary (first) personality trait.. My best selling paperback book Follow Your Inner Heroes(tm) To The Work You Love, and companion workbooks, explain this process in detail. I've also written multiple e-books for your immediate download. The use of these books and e-books will help you begin living the highest potential for your life today.

The Doer e-book, The Book of Action teaches you about yourself, who you are, what you are naturally good at doing and has a guide to dynamic careers for the Helper including some of the highest paying ones.

All About You    
The Book of Action: Your Real Self

  •   Discover who you are and live a more rewarding and happy life

  •   Connect with the gifts that lead to your true potential

  •   Recognize the goals and ideals that make you unique

  •   Live your purpose now!

  •   The Fun Doer woman - Courageous Doer man - Energetic Doer children

  •   Know your natural leadership style

  •   Discover your unique skills and talents

  •   Find the key that unlocks your true passion

  •   Key words to use on a resume & how to describe yourself in a job interview

  •   Write your very own Mission Statement & Success Formula

  •   Hundreds of careers to match your natural talents

  •   Examples of great paying careers for you based on your personality strengths.

All this in The Book of Action e-book

Your second personality trait often determines how you will express your primary strengths.  You can view the other personalities here: Planner, Thinker, Helper.  Consider buying the other temperaments to understand those who are different from you such as your boss, co-workers, family members and friends.

By popular demand --  many readers have asked me for a relationship book based on the four personalities. It is now available in this easy reading e-book, filled with examples that you will relate to.

Finding Love in All The Right Faces by Carolyn Kalil (e-book only)
Why do I always seem to pick the wrong person? Whether you're single and looking for a relationship or wanting to improve your current one, this book is your guide to success. Learn how the four colors interact with each other and which partners are best suited for you.

It answers the question: Who are you compatible with?

Today Only:  Buy the Doer e-book and the relationship e-book for

Healing Family Relationships by Carolyn Kalil  (book)  
Parents have the best chance to be good parents when they understand, accept, and appreciate their kids as individuals with different needs.  But they cannot give their kids what they need if they don't know what their needs are.  Kids want to be loved for who they are and not who their parents want them to be. By understanding the uniqueness in their kids, parents will know how each one needs to be nurtured. This e-book will guide parents in creating harmonious relationships with their children.

  E-BOOKS as a PDF Download Price Add to Cart
The Book of Action $14.95
Finding Love in All The Right Faces $14.95
Doer e-book and Finding Love
(save 23%)
Paperback Book, Follow Your Inner Heroes(tm) To The Work You Love  $24.95
Adult Workbook, Follow Your Inner Heroes(tm) To The Work You Love $39.95
Youth Workbook, True Success $22.95

The Best Selling Career Book: 212 Page Paperback
Follow Your Inner Heroes(tm) To The Work You Love New Edition 2013

Do you hate your job? But don't know what else to do? Carolyn Kalil, M.A. takes the mystery and misery out of your search for work that you can feel passionate about. This book helps you discover your natural strengths and talents. Using Personality Temperament method of assessment, you quickly reclaim your true self and find your own path of success. In a few steps the author guides you to the work you love. This book is so much more than a book about careers. Learn how to increase your self-esteem and overcome the fears that block your success.  

Join the tens of thousands of readers who have used this book to change their lives. It is in use at many colleges and universities throughout the US and Canada. Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco Systems and Warner Brothers use this book in their managerial training.


The Workbook: Follow Your Inner Heroes(tm) To The Work You Love
Adult Workbook ( 226 Page Paperback)  New Edition 2013

"When I finish school then what?" and "I don't know what major to choose because I don't know what I want to do." These are comments made everyday by college students searching for the answer to life after school. Luckily for them this workbook is an innovative course in career decision making and self discovery. It is filled with insightful exercises and activities to assist in finding a career they will love.

TRUE SUCCESS, Youth Workbook (109 Page Paperback) New Edition 2013

Introduces students to the Personality Temperament process and guides them toward a career pathway that fits with who they are. A journey in self-discovery, it is sure to help students gain a better understanding of their natural strengths and talents. As they do, they become well equipped to select the college major or trade that's right for them and identify careers in which they will thrive and find true satisfaction.


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The book reviews and reader comments are great.  The Book: Follow Your Inner Heroesâ„¢ To The Work You Love comes with the four Personality cards.


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